Price: Free.  Premium $12/yr.

I find passwords are a pain.  I want them to be tough for everyone else, but easy for me.  I do not want to use the same password for every site, nor use a system that someone can figure out.  For years, I used RoboForm to manage my passwords.  However, this did not help me out if I needed to access something from someone else’s computer.   The same was true for my browsers ‘Remember Password’ feature, plus that is not very secure.  So, I switched to LastPass.

LastPass quite simply fills in all my passwords and forms and does so securely.  It works with all the major browsers, and the Premium plan extends its functionality to multiple mobile devices.  LastPass lets me access my passwords over the web.  Because LastPass is available from anywhere, I can let it generate long, complicated (secure) passwords for me.  With LastPass, yet another aspect of my online life is automatically synchronized for me.

LastPass truly is secure. While my passwords are online, they are encrypted and the company does not have the decryption key.  When I am on a public computer, I can use a screen keyboard so that I don’t even have to worry about key loggers.