Price: Free for 2GB with extra storage for referrals. $10/mth for 50GB.
Use this link for an additional 250MB free.

As part of my collection of useful technology, gadgets, toys and electronic relics, I have my desktop computer, a large laptop, my iPad and a netbook. I work with business files on all four. While email and the USB stick shuffle kept those files mobile, ensuring that I had the most up-to-date version of a document on any one computer was a hassle. Thankfully, along came Dropbox to the rescue.

Dropbox syncs each of my business files as soon as I am done using one. Now, I can easily jump between my computers and have access to the latest versions of all my documents. Once you install Dropbox on each of your computers, you simply save folders and files to your Dropbox folder in your desktop file manager. I created shortcuts to each of my folders in Dropbox so that I could maintain my existing file structure.

Dropbox offers a number of connectivity options. In addition to my desktop and laptops, I can access my files from any computer using the web. There are apps for most phones and tablets. Also, for mobile users Dropbox works with apps such as Documents to Go, QuickOffice and GoodReader. For team collaboration, the application allows you to set a publicly shared folder. Just give someone the URL, and they can have access to your public files.