What We Believe

GeekCoaches is about leveraging technology and cutting-edge techniques to improve life at work and home.  We help you achieve your business objectives and solve your computer, internet and device challenges with a little help from a tech-savvy friend.  We believe in learning by doing.  We feel the ability to teach a concept is just as important as technical knowledge when it comes to business and technology coaching.  We strongly believe in the cliche that the only stupid questions are the ones you do not ask.  Learning new business techniques and technology should be rewarding rather than painful, and we are here to help make that a reality.

We are a new company, started — like so many — because of passion and belief.  Our passion is making good things happen with technology, and we believe technology is changing the world.  Everyone deserves to be a part of it.

William Pitcher, Founder

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GeekCoaches was founded by William Pitcher.  Bill is a self-professed geek who after helping countless friends and family with their technology challenges decided it was time to help others.

When he is not coaching people about business and home technology, Bill provides fundraising consulting services to charities.  You learn more about his fundraising at his Pitcher Group site.

Before becoming a technology geek, Bill was a drama geek, playing a nerd and donning the glasses in highschool.