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GeekCoaches was founded by William Pitcher. Bill is a self-professed geek who after helping countless friends and family with their technology challenges decided it was time to help others. When he is not coaching people about technology, Bill provides fundraising consulting services to charities. You learn more about his fundraising at his Pitcher Group site.

Designing Virtual Events for Success

How to Raise Funds and Build an Audience These are indeed interesting times with so many of us working or learning from home and almost all in-person events cancelled.  To help people manage their cabin fever and to continue raising money that in-person functions provided, many non-profit organizations are turning to virtual fundraising events. Virtual events, of course, have their challenges.  Many of us are all zoomed out. Online events have to compete with all our other screen options. Furthermore, not all events make sense virtually.  All that said, virtual events also provide an opportunity. Find the right [...]

Website Security: How to Secure a Site in 17 Steps

Preventing Intrusions, Spam, Data Loss & More Website security is no different than other aspects of creating a site from a task perspective. No one step of building a website is that complicated. The challenge is there are scores of steps. Smart website security has its own set of steps. It's because of these numerous tasks, that many of the existing sites that GeekCoaches gets asked to fix are not properly secured like those built as part of our Web Design services. Unfortunately, not investing the money to have your website secured or the time to learn and [...]

Email Newsletters are Dead — Long Live Email

Making Sense of Content Marketing via Email Newsletters and Email Blasts For decades, companies and other organizations produced print-based newsletters as one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and stakeholders.  With the rise of email, many responsible for getting the word out developed email newsletters using the same format as their print publications, but in electronic form.  Copying a format when a new medium comes along is normal. In the early days of television, much of the content was just repurposed radio programs.  But, just as television developed its own way of presenting content, email messaging [...]

Landing Pages – Lead Generation & Conversion

Making Sense of Keywords, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Third-Party Validations and Conversion Techniques In our GeekCoaches post on On-Site Search Engine Optimization, we covered the importance of matching your website's content to the queries used by your prospective customers on search engines.  In that article, we discussed an example of not highlighting our Mississauga location because we serve clients around the world. As you can imagine though, we are quite happy to go after local clients -- that is, as long as it does not make us look like a local-only company.   The answer for this is a lead generation and [...]

On-Site SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

Making Sense of On-Site SEO, Keywords, Click-Through Rates, Meta Descriptions and Bounce Rates Search engine optimization really is not that scary. It can get a bad name when people try to game the system or when sellers of SEO services treat it like a secret art that can only be practiced by high priests.  At GeekCoaches, we like to be transparent about what we do including our SEO services. In fact, we call ourselves coaches because we are happy to teach you what we do. SEO is complicated, but only because of the number of steps that you have [...]

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Website Donations: 17 Tips to Supercharge Online Giving

The odds say that your charity's website donations are not what they could be.  To maximize your online fundraising potential, your website needs to use a variety of proven money earning techniques. Most charity websites only achieve a fraction of these strategies. Put these 17 tips in action and will supercharge your fundraising program. Traditional Fundraising Techniques 1. Make Your Stories Personal There's a quote commonly attributed to Josef Stalin that, 'One death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic.' In other words, we have a hard time coping with and understanding large problems. So, it is [...]