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Website Security: How to Secure a Site in 17 Steps

Preventing Intrusions, Spam, Data Loss & More Website security is no different than other aspects of creating a site from a task perspective. No one step of building a website is that complicated. The challenge is there are scores of steps. Smart website security has its own set of steps. It's because of these numerous tasks, that many of the existing sites that GeekCoaches gets asked to fix are not properly secured like those built as part of our Web Design services. Unfortunately, not investing the money to have your website secured or the time to learn and [...]

Tech Tip: LastPass

Price: Free.  Premium $12/yr. I find passwords are a pain.  I want them to be tough for everyone else, but easy for me.  I do not want to use the same password for every site, nor use a system that someone can figure out.  For years, I used RoboForm to manage my passwords.  However, this did not help me out if I needed to access something from someone else’s computer.   The same was true for my browsers ‘Remember Password’ feature, plus that is not very secure.  So, I switched to LastPass. LastPass quite simply fills in all my passwords and forms and does so securely.  It works with [...]

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