Pre-Internet Content Marketing

GeekCoaches’ online content marketing can supercharge your business with compelling storytelling, information sharing and customer conversations.

A catchy jingle or a hilarious ad will always be popular, but technology is changing what the public expects of business marketing. People are looking for relationships with companies driven by great storytelling and conversations. This change can be illustrated by the analogy of a cocktail party.  At a party, you could casually talk about what your business does; discuss issues in your industry; answer questions. However, if you quickly jumped from person-to-person imploring people to buy your products or services, you would quickly find yourself shunned. You must provide people with value either by entertaining them or informing them. That’s online content marketing and social media, and GeekCoaches can help you master it.

Geeks and Raconteurs

We call ourselves geeks because we are technology experts who are passionate about the ways the internet and software can transform business for the better.   Of course, as geeks, we are also practiced at jumping into the fray when technology gone astray brings your business to a halt.  It’s our combination of technical skill, enthusiasm and realism that makes us a valuable addition to business teams. Technology is a tool — a means to an end.   Business technology is nothing without a sound plan to leverage it.  That’s why GeekCoaches’ storytelling and online conversational engagement skills are such an important part of our service mix. We’ve been helping the non-profit organizations tell their stories to prospective donors for more than two decades. Thanks to digital communications, bringing that expertise to the for-profit business world has been a natural transition.

Original Content

One of the best ways to build a following for your business online is to regularly share new original content with your audience. Websites, landing pages, blog articles, social media posts and email should all be part of your online marketing strategy.

GeekCoaches builds attractive and professional websites designed to inform, persuade and engage your audience.  We use WordPress so that you can keep your site current yourself.  If you need assistance learning how — don’t worry — that’s why we call ourselves coaches.  More than just programmers, we develop your site from a business perspective and with the goal of making you more successful. Landing pages are a vital tool with content marketing.  These pages are designed to be a first introduction to one particular part of your business. When you promote yourself online or in print, you should be directing your audience to a relevant page for that particular pitch rather than your more general home page.  The page customers or prospects land on must then introduce them with the assumption they have seen nothing else of your site. For example, if you provide special products or services to individuals in addition to core offerings for business, you should develop a landing page targetted at individuals as we have done with our Home Tech Coaching page. GeekCoaches can help you learn about landing pages and implement a successful landing page strategy for your business. To learn more about our website development services and see examples of our work, please visit our Website Development page.
Effective social media is about two-way conversation and sharing rather than mass-media style advertising messages. Social media content must also be authentic and frequent. However, like geeks at a party, it’s easy to feel awkward talking and sharing to strangers. (Don’t worry, as coaches, we got over it.) GeekCoaches can help you develop tactics for engaging with customers and prospects. We can also help you develop great content to share. Once you are ready to go, we can show you tools and techniques to make your investment online easier, more effective and measurable.  As with everything else we do, our focus is on your success.
Despite the rise of social media, for many people email is still their preferred means of digital communication.  Email is also great for targetting sequential messages to people over time.   GeekCoaches can help you with tools to capture the email addresses of your prospects and manage email marketing campaigns.  We understand the types of email messages and email campaigns that drive business.
Anyone who promotes a business online needs to be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO).  Your SEO efforts can have a dramatic impact on your business. GeekCoaches provides onsite SEO services.  Onsite SEO or content-based SEO is related to the wording (content) on your website. If you want people to be able to find a page or post on your website, that page must contain the search terms people are likely to use. Page titles, URLs, headings, images and body content all have a specific impact on the relevancy ranking of your pages.  We can help you ensure all of your online content is optimized for search. Search is relevant to content marketing because some of the most successful ad campaign point to landing pages rather than home pages. GeekCoaches can assist you with online advertising programs such as Google Adwords.

Curated Content

A great way to stay in regular touch with your prospective and current customers is to share relevant,  useful or entertaining content that you find online. Known as content curation, GeekCoaches can assist you with tools and techniques to make sharing great content simpler and more effective.

User Content

Would you like it if people promoted your business for free, and many of those same people went on to be your best customers?  Well that’s what user generated and shared content can do for you.  Sites like YouTube and Facebook are built on the content of their users. YouTube main asset is the content people create and Facebook’s main asset is the content people share (although there is lots of creation and sharing on both).  When your audience creates and curates content, two things happen. First, the creators and curators become more invested in your business.  Second, they bring in others to your business like warm leads — most of us are much more receptive to what our friends and family have to say than we are to others. GeekCoaches can help you develop a user content strategy for your online marketing.  We will show you the tools you need, and the techniques required to build a vibrant community.  We can even help you develop systems to incentivize people to promote your goods or services.