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GeekCoaches can build you an e-commerce website to reach around the globe.

The rationale for adding an e-commerce website is straightforward — generate additional revenue for your business. Showcasing your products or services can also increase demand through your traditional sales channels. You can also use a website to offer items that would not be viable to sell in other ways.

Your Sales Partner

Using WordPress and the popular Woo-Commerce plugin, GeekCoaches can build you an e-commerce site with all of the fundamentals including sophisticated product showcase tools, detailed reporting, advanced tax and shipping options, social sharing, product ratings, multiple discount options and more. We can help you sell physical merchandise, services or digital goods.

Payment Gateways

GeeksCoaches can integrate one of a number of payment gateways into you ecommerce site. PayPal, Amazon Payments, Intuit, Bitcoin, Google Wallet and many more payment systems are available to you.

E-Commerce Analytics

It has been estimated by the Baymard Institute that 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned by potential clients before making a purchase. Understanding the path customers take through your site and where they opt out of the buying process is vital to increasing your online revenue. GeekCoaches can provide you with E-Commerce Analytics to provide you with data to make smart decisions and sell more.

Revenue Model Extensions

GeekCoaches can help you use e-commerce to develop new revenue streams for your business. Recurring payment systems mean that you can offer monthly subscriptions. We can even help you develop a subscription model for new or existing product lines of physical goods. Affiliate sales programs can help you generate more sales by providing others with incentives to promote and sell your goods and services. Meanwhile, you can use third-party affiliate programs to generate income selling related, but non-competitive items. For example, a consulting company could sell Amazon books related to its area of practice. Finally, we can help you bundle and package your products and services creating innovative new sales opportunities from otherwise existing offerings.

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