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GeekCoaches managed web hosting is easy.

When you run a business, you want to spend your time building it — not maintaining your email service and website. And while technology makes wonderful things possible, it can be confusing, aggravating and a time wasting. The answer to this pain is to to have someone in your corner to make maintaining your website truly turnkey — that’s where GeekCoaches comes to the rescue.

Coaches and Geeks

At GeekCoaches, we can take care of all aspects of website maintenance, email management and website management. We offer a range of services from simple hosting to full management of your site and content. We can you solve your tech problems or solve them for you.

Website Hosting

that is Fast and Rock-Solid

We start our managed hosting with a top-rated Internet Service Provider (ISP). Finding a great ISP is a challenge — we know first hand. Many of the big companies, want to sell you a bunch of services you do not need. Some have reliability or speed issues. Others have poor support. Researching providers online is difficult because most review sites make money by recommending particular ISPs. GeekCoaches has done the research for you to provide you with a winning solution.

WordPress, Plugin and Security Updates

plus Hosting

Perhaps the most important maintenance function you can perform with your site is to keep the software that runs it up to date. Developers are regularly fixing bugs that can slow down your site and plugging security vulnerabilities that can permit your site to be hacked. Just like on your mobile phone, the apps or plugins that your site uses have new updates every week. When doing updates, it is important to backup your site and to be ready for an update that causes problems with some aspect of your content. GeekCoaches can manage your site updates, backups and security for you providing you with peace of mind.

Simple Content and Email-User Updates

plus Hosting with Software Upgrades

Updating your site on a regular basis is large, ongoing task. You need to optimize any photos so they load quickly. You need to add all the information (meta-data) that properly categorizes new content. Finally, if you want your new content to be easy to find, you have to optimize it for search engines (SEO). If you only add content on an occasional basis, the challenge is remembering all the steps from one time to the next.

Setting up email that uses your business domain name can also be a large task. First you have the initial setup. Then, staff come and go. People forget passwords. Mailboxes fill up. Email management can feel like a necessary evil.

GeekCoaches can provide you with turnkey content and email user updates to take the pain out of staying current online.

Social Media Posting

plus Hosting with Software, Content & Email Updates

A great way to stay in regular touch with your prospective and current customers is to share relevant, useful or entertaining content that you find online. Known as content curation, GeekCoaches can assist you with tools and techniques to make sharing great content simpler and more effective.

Simple Off-Site SEO and Content Curation

plus Hosting with Social Media, Software, Content and Email Updates

The more websites that list your business (provide a citation) or link to your company’s site, the better your search engine rank will be. Getting your business mentioned across the web requires time consuming research and multi-step submissions. GeekCoaches can manage this task for you and drive more traffic to your site.

An important tool for building an online following is to share great, relevant content provided by others. This content curation process involves scouring the web for compelling stories, images and articles and sharing them across multiple social media networks. GeekCoaches can keep you active on social media by conducting this time-consuming task for you. We can help keeps conversations going by moderating comments on your content and liking or responding to positive feedback.