Thought Leader

GeekCoaches helps you leverage personal branding as a competitive advantage.

Thanks to technology like social media as well as people’s changing expectations, sales and marketing is becoming more personal all the time. Increasingly, your clients (and prospective clients) want to see and hear from the people behind your company. Now, not only do you have to think about the marketing profile of your company, you have to consider your personal image as well. While managing your personal brand is just one more challenge, it is also an opportunity. You can turn personal trust into a competitive advantage. You can position yourself as a go-to-resource, a thought leader, in your industry. Done correctly, personal branding can dramatically increase both your lead generation and sales. GeekCoaches can show you the way.

Your Personal Branding Partner

GeekCoaches can help you with the tools and strategies to build your personal brand or the profiles of your team members. We understand and address both the technical and the messaging challenges. We focus on the process so that you can focus on achieving great outcomes.

Key Steps to Personal Branding

GeekCoaches takes a systematic approach to brand building — personal or corporate. This step-by-step strategy helps ensure your success.

Determine Your Objectives

Too many people jump online and start promoting with no more thought than to increase sales. Whereas, almost every online message should have a very specific call-to-action. GeekCoaches can help you determine your personal branding objectives on both a strategic and a tactical level. Our goal is for you to know why you are taking each and every action online.

Identify Your Audience

You may have heard that teens now view Facebook as the place their parents hangout online. Many have turned to newer social networks they consider more relevant to their lives. The highly varied audiences for different online tools and networks makes understanding who you are trying to reach very important. Adding to the complexity of the challenge is the fact that your audience for personal promotions may be somewhat different than your general audience for your company. GeekCoaches can help you identify and segment your audience to ensure your personal branding efforts have maximum impact.

Select Your Sharing Channels

There are more ways to promote yourself online than you could ever manage. You can share to an ever-growing list of social networks. You can produce videos for YouTube. You can blog to your own website. You can write white papers. You can post PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare. The list is practically endless. GeekCoaches can help you select the online channels that are right for you based on your objectives, your audience, your skills and your inclinations.

Craft and Deliver Your Message

Branding yourself presents the same messaging task of any marketing. Like other promotion, online messaging requires frequency. Consistent with the Marshall McLuhan adage that the medium is the message, each online channel requires its own messaging strategy. GeekCoaches can help you craft your message assisting with both content and technical production. We can then provide you with tools and techniques to manage the task of frequently posting online while helping ensure you achieve your objectives.

Evaluate Your Results

The final step with any marketing effort should always be to evaluate your results. GeekCoaches can assist you with the tools and metrics needed to measure the outcomes of your personal branding initiatives.