GeekCoaches can get you closer to your customers with collaboration tools.

There’s an old sales adage that your best future prospects are your current customers. Indeed, companies neglect their clients at their peril. One way to connect with and engage your customers is through collaboration.

For consumer products companies, social media is often at the heart of customer interaction. However, for organizations with major accounts, business-to-business sellers or service companies, collaborative project management tools are a vital resource. As early as 1982, management ‘guru’, Tom Peters, talked about the importance of creating computer systems and other tools that helped “get close to the customer”. At the time, only large companies could make this investment. Today, one-person shops can create, not just communications tools like social media, but systems that go to the core of product and service delivery — collaborative project management tools.

Collaboration Specialists

GeekCoaches uses online collaboration and project management tools with all of our clients. Through hard-earned experience, we have learned what works with teams you can only guide rather than order.

Benefits Across Your Business

Building a collaborative culture leads to projects being completed more quickly with better achievement of project goals. Seamless collaboration also strengthens relationships between all participants. The latest project and collaboration tools can have benefits across your entire business. GeekCoaches can help you with a variety of information sharing, automation, brainstorming, and task management systems. However, implementation of such systems is not without it’s challenges. In particular, we understand the challenge of obtaining active take-up of such technologies by your various stakeholders including members of your own team. We have an approach that makes learning and using the latest tools much simpler than it has been in the past. We can have you seeing benefits immediately. So, contact GeekCoaches today about turning customer collaboration and digital project management into a competitive advantage for your business.