Sales Agreement

GeekCoaches can help you beat the sales challenge.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Despite this importance, sales can feel like a necessary evil.  Only a small percentage of us get into business because our first love is selling.  Worse yet, many business teams are called upon to drive sales without the experience or training needed to maximize success. GeekCoaches makes sales a strength.

Proven Sales Results

At GeekCoaches, we love selling.  We have a proven track record of sales results.  Our team members have conducted sales campaigns with transactions ranging from pennies to millions of dollars each.  We have directed projects using direct mail, inbound and outbound telemarketing, online sales, mobile sales, retail and face-to-face selling.  We have helped run campaigns across Canada, in the United States and Europe.

A Profitable Investment

GeekCoaches can supercharge your sales. Investing in sales strategies and systems will generate more leads, convert more prospects and increase customer retention.

Generate More Leads

GeekCoaches can help you find more prospective customers. Referral programs turn your current and past clients into your best salesmen and women. Prospect identification and segmentation systems can help you identify potential customers and target the most valuable prospects.  Sales promotions can create an important sense of urgency amongst your target audience. Our goal is to boost your profitability by filling your sales pipeline.

Convert More Prospects

Even a small increase in your ability to convert qualified leads into customers can have a dramatic impact on your business.  GeekCoaches can help you improve your conversion ratio with a state-of-the-art sales pipeline system.  We will help you map each stage of your sales cycle and develop tactics for moving prospective customers through it.  We can also assist with sales presentations including meeting scripts, pitch decks and visual aids.  GeekCoaches helps you take charge of every step of selling.

Increase Customer Value

In most businesses, your best prospects are your current customers. GeekCoaches can help you to increase the average return generated from each customer.  A customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you stay informed about and in touch with your customers. Upselling can help you increase the value of customer transactions.  A loyalty program can help you retain customers. We will help you calculate the average  lifetime value (LTV) of a customer, and implement multiple techniques for increasing that return.