Man with Digital Team

GeekCoaches increases your agility and clout with distributed teams.

If you have a smaller organization, one of the challenges you can face is a deficit of staff expertise in particular areas needed to grow your operations or win new types of business.  Meanwhile, if your business is larger, you can lack the agility to always effectively compete against smaller, upstart rivals. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely do.  In these cases, the answer can be forming remote partnerships or virtual teams. GeekCoaches can help you build and manage this important resource.

Building Effective Teams

GeekCoaches has worked remotely for years with partners across town, across the continent and across the world.  In one of our businesses, we have frequently represented clients of all sizes in marketing and selling to their stakeholders.  Over the years, we have seen these partnerships works well and we have seen them struggle.  Fortunately, even though the task of leading people remains, technology is making these virtual teams more effective and efficient all the time.

We can assist you with the tools and expertise required to build virtual or remote worker teams. GeekCoaches can find highly skilled and cost effective freelancers and consultants with whom you can partner.  We can show you how to market and pitch virtual teams to win and more business.  Finally, we can help you with frictionless communications, task management and reporting systems for those all-in-one-office benefits.  Whether you want to look and act bigger or more nimble, GeekCoaches can help you succeed.

Types of Virtual Teams

There are more options when working with freelancers or consultants than the behind-the-scenes remote employee. Knowing and selecting the right option for your particular situation can significantly increase your chances of success.

Virtual Team Members

Sometimes presenting a freelancer as an employee of your company is the right option. This approach is often used when larger companies work with freelancers. GeekCoaches can help you find and recruit skilled freelancers. We can also help you implement tools to monitor your projects with these sub-contractors.

Promoted Alliances

An example of promoted alliances are architect partnerships when they are pitching truly major building projects. At those times, they often seek and form partnerships that are a combination of a local firm and a major international agency. Meanwhile, those selling goods rather than services might partner with a successful designer. Each partner is promoted because they bring important resources to the partnership such as local knowledge, star power or distribution. Indeed promoted alliances are most useful when each partner brings bragging rights to the mix. GeekCoaches can help you identify resources that would give you additional bragging right. We can then help you approach and recruit those partners. Finally, we can assist in the division and collaborative management of tasks.

Invisible Reciprocal Partnerships

For small businesses, invisible reciprocal partnerships can transform your sales opportunities. With this arrangement, each partner presents the other as a team member of their respective company. Each company can take the lead on pitching their own business, or the partners can pitch sales together, but under the banner of one company. GeekCoaches can work with you through the opportunities and challenges of partnering with another business. We help ensure your mutual success.

Virtual Organizations

A different way to work with other partner companies is to create a new business identity separate from each of the alliance members — a virtual company. This approach can be taken when the joint venture does not appropriately fit the profiles of the partners, or when one or more of the partners is concerned about the impact a combined project would have on their branding or operations. A new brand can also be useful when you are seeking to build a profile beyond the existing companies. GeekCoaches can help you develop a new virtual company and a profile for the venture. As with the other partnership structures, we can help you find partners as well as help you manage the relationship and joint projects.