Catherine and William Wedding Website

GeekCoaches built this new custom website for Catherine and William after they were unsatisfied with the spaces provided by the various online wedding sites. The site is primarily a one-page design, but it does have additional pages to add photos (once they can actually have their reception).  We were quite pleased when William said, "Now, that's what a wedding site is supposed to look like!"


LearnAbility Educational Therapy Website

GeekCoaches redesigned and rebuilt this website for LearnAbility. This educational therapist knew her site needed work, but sought advice from GeekCoaches.  In addition to creating a warmer, more friendly and client-centric site, GeekCoaches helped LearnAbility explain what the practice is, how it works, for whom and its advantages over other options. Of particular concern, the old homepage had no main text which significantly hurt search engine results. LearnAbility's owner receives constant feedback on how welcoming her new site is -- important when talking about helping children.