LearnAbility Educational Therapy Website

GeekCoaches redesigned and rebuilt this website for LearnAbility. This educational therapist knew her site needed work, but sought advice from GeekCoaches.  In addition to creating a warmer, more friendly and client-centric site, GeekCoaches helped LearnAbility explain what the practice is, how it works, for whom and its advantages over other options. LearnAbility's owner receives constant feedback on how welcoming her site is -- important when talking about helping children.


Happy Healthy Village Website

From the Founder of HappyHealthyVillage.com - Elizabeth Montgomery, “ From the start Bill understood that I was seeking technology coaching. As such he empowered me to build the best first site/blog for my needs and one that I can start to trouble shoot and edit on my own. His style is a teaching style (when warranted) or he can simply take over and solve the task at hand when asked. I really enjoyed working with him and would so again! He brings creativity, expertise and humor to the table! ”